Make your words Standout

If you need to hire a writer to make your words standout, or help improve your SEO, talk to me. I live in Sydney, but can work with you no matter where you are.

I accurately tailor text to enhance its readability and get customers moving on your call to action. No matter what type of business you run, I know how to make the right copy for you. I can build keywords and SEO into your copy. I will work with you to create a detailed copy writing brief, to find out the best way to get your ideas out there, and the best way to word them.

Creating words that work is a specialised skill, and you need your communications to be clear, on target and move your customers and audience.

Every business needs an edge, and words, the right words are your best business advantage.

Technical Writing

I've written hundred of articles for the IT industry. But I have many years’ experience in writing articles for the print, music, visual art, writing and editing worlds. Yes, I write about writing and editing.


What gets you a job? Experience, drive, results, networking, relevance and a damn good resume. I've written and edited dozens of resumes for people across a variety of industries, from cleaner to CEO. A winning resume has perfect formatting, accurate spelling, unique relevant content and a clear functional layout. I can help build you a professionally tailored resume.

Business and Social Writing

I read hundreds of articles and about social media campaigns every week. Many of these need re-writing and editing. If you can't get your words right, why would someone buy from you? No matter what you are writing, I can help make your words work for you. I will collaborate with you so you have the best possible business language, or media campaign.


Writing is a specialised field, and editing more so. Formatting words to make them sound and look right takes years of practice. I have edited novels, online articles, features, textbooks, training manuals, brochures and just about all manner of printed and online words. Line, copy or structural editing, is something only a trained human being can do, let a professional do it for you.

Proof Reading

One of the key attributes of producing a well-written text is getting another set of eyes on your words. You would normally get a few quotes when you buy something; it's the same for words. You need more than one person to go over your articles, and you need it done professionally. There are many tricks and techniques when it comes to proof reading, I can make your documents sound and read 100% clear and accurate.

SEO and More

People will purchase your products if you can accurately and clearly describe your goods, and they can easily find them. About 75% of people do half their shopping online, and getting in the top 10% on Google is important. Keywords are necessary, but, Google has moved closer to the concept of ranking a business on its search engine, which has real/original and social content. I will work with you to build and write this type of content.