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I specialise in long form article writing, but, I can do a whole lot more. Below you can find out about my extended writing and editing skills, and how I can help you.

Throw the Book at us - Owner & reviewer

Good Reading Magazine - Editorial & Advertising Manager

Guys Read Gals - Co-Editor

Arts-Writing-Life - Freelance Writer

Rob Kennedy - Novelist & Short Story Writer 

DiVerse - Poet and Events Coordinator

Trends in Writing - Freelance Writer

Mindstorm - Creativity Explained, Documented and Demonstrated

Everything is about Words

Words change everything. They get you sales, they make you and your products unique, and they help inspire others. I have written, edited and published hundreds of documents - articles - manuals - fiction and non-fiction books - reviews - interviews - reports - newsletters and presentations.

If you need something written or edited, drop me a line and I'll help you out. Go to the contact page, here